: Help... Samco ancillary turbo inlet pipe - nurburgring

08-11-2010, 21:15
Hi Guys!

I recently purchased a Full Samco Hose Engine Kit for my VXR Nurburgring from Regal.

As I had the car serviced by Vauxhall on Friday I thought it made sense to have the pipes fitted at the same, as time is an issue for me as I work Nights.

Anyway I got there today to pick my Burg up and was told that the technician had left a pipe in the boot as he couldn't work out where it went.

So I came home... Looked up what kit the pipe was from and phoned Regal (who are as much use as a chocolate hair dryer) to be told that the pipe I have left over is the Turbo Inlet Hose.

The woman also explained that the pipe goes down by the passenger side head light, after 30 minutes of searching for the pipe I still couldn't locate where the pipe should go, so I am wondering if you guys can help me!???

Cheers (I have attached a photo of the pipe I have left over if that helps?)