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About AstraOwnersNetwork

After many years of idling along under it's own steam, there was a sudden explosion of interest in the Vauxhall Astra.

VXRacing Van

This led to two sister sites evolving alongside Astra-Sri, & these needed to be individual in there own right but part of a common group.

The common group for the three sites was born AstraOwnersNetwork

A combination of 3 separate Clubs brought together under one roof. Together, all three web sites allow us to have one large community, but ensuring that each segment maintains it's individuality and purpose.

Black Zafira

AON now embraces Vauxhall Astra Vans and Zafiras , with their exceptional looks and practicality they have rightly carved out there own dedicated sections on the AON Forums, visited by enthusiasts and potential purchasers, looking for inspiration and information these 2 hugely popular Astra variants are fast becoming cult vehicles

Jeremy Clarkson recently announced that the present Vauxhall range is by far the best looking range of cars on the road today, we may be slightly biased but couldn't agree more.

AstrasThe Vauxhall range has something for everyone and that's how we see AON , a web site based solely on the Vauxhall Astra platform that has something for everyone.

We have come about over time and through the developments made at both Vauxhall and ( 888 ) Triple Eight Race engineering over the last few years

This aside, each individual Club has its own dedicated resources to facilitate a more specific and detailed area of interest to the enthusiast.


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